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Our aim is to become a top leading programming and technology driven brand throughout Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

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Our mission is to modernize companies through our innovative technology & programming.

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CORE Values

LogiSpec is composed of four (4) core Values:

  • Confidentiality
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Accountability

Why LogiSpec

LogiSpec is a Jamaican born company that houses the experience and knowledge of highly skilled and innovative technicians & programmers. Here at LogiSpec we strive for excellence and aim to provide our customers with high quality products & services with an experience that is top notch without the heavy costs normally associated with them.

LogiSpec and You!

Your experience and views of LogiSpec are very important to us. We believe that every customer must feel the joy and satisfaction of doing business with LogiSpec. Our team stands ready to serve and meet all your software and product requirements and promises to provide it with a smile.


These are our directors and co-founders
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Peter-Marc Ricketts

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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Edward Willie

Chief Operations Officer (COO)
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Naomi White

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Partner Corner

Collaboration at its finest to ensure best services