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Disaster Recovery Services

License Driven Subscription

Our data recovery services are designed to allow easy access to all your information and to be able to restore your data fast. We utilize various service providers and technology that are designed with you our clients in mind. If you need spped, security, reliable & efficient means of storing and accessing vital and important data then LogiSpec has a solution for you.

Disaster Recovery Services

The list provided gives a short outline of the features that comes with our value added Disaster Recovery Packages and Solutions

Our DR package inclusions
Whats included in this Service features that are included in our Service:
  • Effortless Backup
  • Fast Installations
  • Automated Regulatory Complaince
  • Easy Scalability
  • One Click Solutions
  • Self-Healing Resilience
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Low Storage Costs
  • Instant Recovery
  • Automatic Backup Testing
  • Admin Portal Access