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Human Resourcee Management (HRM)

starting from US $12 per user

Logi HRM is a fully loaded HR based software that is designed to meet all the daily functionalities that an Human Resource Officer requires. This system comes fully integrated with its own Payroll function and a step by step recruitment process from Application stage to employment and even after services such as recommendation letter application and more.

Human Resourcee Management (HRM)

Our Human Resource software that entails all the functions required for HR personnel to perform various tasks

Our HRM package inclusions
Whats included in this application features that are included in our application
  • Counselling
  • payroll
  • application
  • interview
  • onboard & offboarding
  • Salary Advancement
  • Loans
  • Leave forms/application
  • Time Tracker
  • absence and late reports
  • staff reports
  • duty assignment
  • task tracker
  • staff appraisals
  • incident tracker/reports
  • staff improvement exercises
  • terminations